Penis Enlargement the Best Methodes

Here is the best part:

Penis enlargement exercises do not require specific hardware, if not you, your hands, the time and an appropriate place for the exercise (yes, the work bathroom should be avoided).

The most popular types of penis enlargement exercises

Penis exercises are available in a variety of ways. The most common techniques are:


Jelqing is a basic exercise, which uses a milking movement to force nutrient-rich blood to introduce the penis, while stretching to increase size. It is simple but effective four-step exercise performed when the penis is at an erection level of 50-75% (higher erection levels can be used by several experienced followers).

These four steps are:

Make the OK sign with your index finger and thumb around the base of your penis.
With gentle pressure, slowly move your hand to the tip of the penis.
Stop shortly before the glans.
Repeat the exercise.

Originally designed for women, Kegel exercises are a great way for men to strengthen their pub-coccygiens muscles. These are the skeletal muscles needed to support your erection angle and control orgasm.

In addition, Kegeling increases the flow of blood to the penis to enlarge. These exercises can be performed almost anywhere.

For Kegel:

Locate your pelvic floor muscles.
Tighten the muscles.
Keep this contraction.
Release and repeat.
Learn more about practicing Kegel and its benefits in our article “Kegels for Men”.


These exercises use compression that acts on the tissues of the penis, promoting new cell growth, and expanding the latter. Compression years are especially good for increasing waist circumference.

The compressor is one of the most advanced compression exercises and is excellent for increasing circumference. It is an exercise that is performed in two hands. Here are the steps to complete the compressor exercise:

Make the OK sign with your palm facing down around the base of your penis.
Place the other hand making the OK sign, with the area where the glans joined the axis. Do not put direct pressure on the glans.
Slowly back both hands toward each other, compressing the body of the penis.
Although the shaft is compressed, bend the tree from front to back, put tension along these areas to increase growth.

By stretching the penis, the tissue is micro-tears, leading to the development of new tissues filling the space created by the tears, the total size of the penis increases. Stretching exercises are especially helpful if your goal is to increase the length of your penis.

However, you do not have to stretch too violently at the risk of generating pain. Make sure to gradually increase the intensity of the stretch during training. Stretching can be achieved in several ways:

All right, therefore, in opposition to the body: This stretch is perfect for a year of normal duration.
Left or Right: The left or right stretch is useful when correcting a curved penis.
For the bottom or the top: stretching at the bottom or top exercises, respectively, the tension at the top or bottom of the tree.
Or a combination of all of the above: Combine the stretching instructions to maximize the specific areas in your workout and stretching.

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