Penis enlargement called dangerous and useless

Penis enlargement called dangerous and uselessAnalysis of more than a thousand men who underwent penis enlargement surgery showed that surgical and non-surgical interventions had no effect. A scientific article is published in the journal Sexual Medicine .Penis enlargement called dangerous and useless

American scientists from St. Joseph’s Medical Center and the University of Houston’s Texas Center for Medical Sciences meta-analysis of seventeen different scientific works in which 1,192 men participated. All male representatives underwent surgery to increase the size of the penis with surgical and non-surgical methods.

According to the study, procedures to increase the size of the penis were not always effective and in most cases led to complications.

Non-surgical treatment with the use of special dilators led to a positive result in some cases, but increased the size of male dignity by less than 2 cm.

Manipulations using injections “increased width”, but were associated with an increased risk of complications. Methods using vacuum devices did not show any effectiveness at all.

According to the publication, surgery included cutting the support ligament of the penis, transplanting the skin and subcutaneous fat, as well as implanting cartilage tissue between the head and the base of the organ. According to the results of research, a number of people who underwent such operations, spoke about a significant increase in the size of the penis. However, the effectiveness of the relevant methods has not been tested in other studies. At the same time, the authors of the works, the analysis of which was carried out by scientists from the United States, stated about quite frequent complications after operations.

“Enlarging a small penis in men using existing methods is inefficient and dangerous,” the study authors said.

According to them, studies that reported successful treatment were extremely low-quality and were not independently confirmed by other scientific groups. Scientists also emphasized that injections and surgery should be used last to treat micropenis pathology, since there is a risk of serious complications with this procedure.

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