Extender: enlarge penis without surgery

How many times has the topic of the ideal penis been discussed: what is the ideal length and thickness, what is more important than size or the ability to use? And so far no 100% correct answer has been found.

On the one hand, size matters – a voluminous and rather long male instrument affects a greater number of nerve endings in the vagina: a pleasant sensation of “fullness” appears. Thanks to this, the female orgasm is more emotional and more memorable. For a man, a large penis, in addition to emotional feelings of pride and superiority over other “males”, allows you to get more pleasant sensations in a closer vagina.

On the other hand, the technique of sex and the emotional component of the intimate process are no less important than just the size of the penis. It is unlikely that a woman will want to sleep with a lazy and selfish “log”, regardless of what size his penis is.

Research in this area led to the following conclusions: the size of the penis matters equally with the sexual skills of partners. This means that the inept owner of a large penis and the skilled owner of a small penis will be less preferred than the skilled owner of a large or medium sized penis.

A lot of books are devoted to the technique of sex, the most famous of which is the Kama Sutra. If a man is not a lazy person and not an egoist, it will not be difficult for him to comprehend the wisdom of sex. If it is necessary to increase the penis, then there is much less information in the public domain.

Scientifically proven and approved methods that allow you to really enlarge the penis are surgery or wearing an extender. Both methods are often used to enlarge the penis. All kinds of nutritional supplements and medications can only improve potency, but will not be able to increase the penis.

Enlargement of the penis with surgery is a serious and expensive pleasure and carries a risk to health. A more modern, simple and safe way to enlarge the penis is to use a special device called an extender.

An extender for penis enlargement is a device that has a minor but fairly long-lasting effect on the penis. The action of the extender is based on the fact that our body activates the growth of cells in tissues that undergo a small but prolonged stretching. This method has been used for many decades in official medicine (Ilizarov apparatus, plastic surgery) and for centuries in African tribes (elongated “giraffe” necks, elongated earlobes, lips, etc.).

It is worth noting that the increase in the penis with the help of an extender allows not only to increase the length of the penis, but also its volume. Also, the extender is used in medicine to correct the shape of the penis. If the penis is bent, then its curvature is corrected using an extender.

By the way, the extender is the most popular way in the world, allowing you to increase the penis in a natural way at home. On average, the term of wearing the extender is 4-8 months, which allows you to increase the penis in length by 28-35% and in volume by 18-25%. Using an extender has already helped increase penis for millions of men around the world.

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